Bauhaus Social Media Creatives
& Style Guidelines

Social Media Creatives


Bauhaus is a German home improvement store. At RAPP we were tasked with managing and creating evergreen content for their social media channels.

As the lead designer on the Bauhaus client team, at RAPP, I managed and directed the visual presence of Bauhaus across social media channels.

Creating Consistency

It was important to define some visual guidelines for Bauhaus in order to speed up our design process and make the brand more identifiable for customers online.

I defined an overall visual look with reusable elements like the red background and the pencil lines. I also created templates for recurring formats like UGC Instagram Stories, monthly reminders, and quizzes.

2x growth
30k to 60k followers on Instagram
24% increase
of reach & impressions on Instagram Stories
5x higher
interaction rate on Facebook since January

Focus on Instagram and Investing
in Pinterest

We started investing more time, effort, and money in social media channels which made the most sense for the Bauhaus audience.

This meant focusing more on Instagram to target younger generations, and to focus on inspirational home decor content.

We also revamped the Pinterest channel, which was not being used at all. It was the perfect platform to showcase DIYs, tips for your home and garden, and to share inspiration.

30x more
Pinterest views
↑ 2.3million
page views per month