Green Chef UK Launch

Starter Pack creatives
Green Chef Website HomepageAnimated Instagram Story video showing the five different green chef diets


While at HelloFresh, I worked with the Brand Launch Task Force to create a starter pack of designs to launch Green Chef in the UK Market. Together we established the visual identity and designed website banners, CRM headers, paid and organic social creatives, affiliate banners, and more.

Two Visual Routes: Variety & Keto

We created a color and icon system which corresponded with each specialized diet: Keto, Balanced, Lower Carb, Vegan, and Vegetarian. This visually differentiated Green Chef UK from HelloFresh.

Additionally, the team wanted to highlight that Green Chef is the UK’s first Keto box. Based on this information, we created two visual routes for the launch assets; one which focused on the variety of diets and another which was only focused on Keto.

Variety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and InstagramVariety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and Instagram
Developer Handoff

When it came to implementation of the website, we had to be mindful of the time difference between Berlin and Toronto (where the product and development team was). This was challenging at times since we were working with a White Label product and there were some unknown limitations that came up.

Together we managed to coordinate file sizes, find the perfect balance between quality and compression, and make sure everything was working from a design and product point of view.

Green Chef Web design mobile and desktop images
Success & Post Launch

After 4 months of hard work on everyone’s part, we launched the Green Chef UK brand. The results so far show that prospecting customers love the Keto ads.

Now that the project has moved from the launch phase into business as usual tasks, the challenge is to continue to developing the brand and also to test more creatives to see which visuals and messaging convert customers.