Selection of Social Media Creatives, CRM assets, and Banners


As a Digital Designer at HelloFresh, I worked on a wide variety of creatives including Social Media, CRM, Display & Affiliate Banners, Landing Pages, and more.

Working on the Paid Social creatives was particularly fast-paced, creative, and often led to some of the most interesting work. For each concept we would create two variations so the creatives could be A/B tested against each other.

Seasonal Creatives + Lead Generation Cookbook Ads

Shown below are a variety of Facebook and Instagram Ads for seasonal campaigns. Also included are creatives which were produced as a second iteration to our Lead Generation campaigns. The original ads, which were focused around a free downloadable cookbook, performed well, so we created a new, more generic version which could be used year round.

From left to right: Summer BBQ Ad, Back to School Ad (both shot in collaboration with the internal Photo Studio and edited by me), Lead Generation Cookbook Ad, Autumn Flash Sale Ad (Both animated in Smartly using dynamic images and text).

Link Ads and Story Ad for Lead Generation Cookbook Ad. Showing Text and cookbook image on a green and blue background
Convenience & Unboxing Ads

This set of creatives was 1 of 2 variations focused on convenience. Bright bold colors where used to bring attention to the creative, and the box is shown in different ways to help customers understand the end product which is delivered to them.

Shown below is one carousel, one link ad, two Pinterest ads, and one 4-5 video (right). I also included one 9-16 video (left), which was created in collaboration with the Photo Studio for a set of Unboxing ads.

Variety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and InstagramVariety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and Instagram
Twitch Banner Templates

The Influencer Marketing team wanted to create same HelloFresh branded banners for Twitch Influencers to put on their profile. This was a new idea which was being tested so we created 3 concepts for different type of channels: Business as Usual (general HelloFresh branding), Lifestyle (Illustration), and Gaming.

In order to make the banners easily editable and dynamic, I set them up on Smartly so the Marketing team or my any designer quickly could edit the text.

Variety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and InstagramVariety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and InstagramVariety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and Instagram
Mother's Day CRM

For Mother’s Day there was a special premium meal which could be chosen by customers to celebrate with their Mom’s. Each premium meal was unique to the market. This campaign ran in DACH, AU, NZ, and in CA-en/CA-fr.

I created a set of CRM email headers and inApp assets below for all the markets with a premium Mother’s Day feel.

Variety and Keto Carousels for Facebook and Instagram