Smartly Campaigns

Creatives from various campaigns
3 social media assets for Ray Ban


At Smartly I worked as an Art Director on client projects. Most projects included both static and motion designs. I worked on a team of copywriters, designers, and motion graphics artists. Here are a few select works from my time there.

ASOS Sale Campaign

After ASOS did a brand refresh, they needed social media assets to match. They wanted to promote a discount for students and new customers. For this project, we designed two creative executions. Each design style had one automated ad template which can be edited in Smartly and a DPA template which connected to their Facebook catalog.

DPA template for ASOS

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban launched smart glasses in collaboration with Meta. What makes these glasses special is that they have a camera, microphone, touch controls, and you can use voice commands to trigger certain actions.

We worked together with Luxottica (Ray-Ban) and Meta to create new social media assets to promote these glasses over a three-month period. Below are the assets we create from September using footage from their summer campaign. The lifestyle static and the ‘tech’ video with the speech bubbles were the highest performing of this group.

Three Social Media Ads for Ray-Ban Stories